Staircases made of steel grating

Trying to provide the client with the maximum service and range of services, LLC “Plant of platform gratings” offers the manufacture, supply and installation of staircases, fences, handrails, ladders and other metal structures that may be required by the client together with the grating of our own production.

Knowing well the market of metal structures, we understand how difficult it could be for a client to order such lightweight structures at ordinary plants of metal structures. That is why we offer our customers to solve this problem by contacting us.…

In addition, in our engineering center you can order the design of such metal structures - it is enough to provide only the general parameters of the stairway or staircase, as well as to determine the type of metal structures - the rest will be done by our engineers. Moreover, if the client has any doubts about the application of a particular technical solution, our specialists can arrive directly to the object to take measurements and consult the client on site..…

In the course of our work we have developed many different solutions for staircases, flights and stepladders, so most of the needs of our clients can be satisfied almost immediately.

Stair marches

Lattice flooring is an ideal material for making stairways of all types. The main advantages of stairs made of lattice flooring - ease of installation, attractive, aesthetic appearance, excellent anti-slip characteristics, which can not be compared with any other material. Steel lattice flooring allows you to make steps of any shape and configuration. The most common options are straight and spiral staircases.

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