LLC «Plant of platform gratings» has been dealing with the production and supply of steel grating for three years already. Recently high-tech powerful equipment for the production of welded reinforcement mesh used in various types of construction works was put into operation. All types of welded reinforcement mesh (heavy and light weight) produced by the company are of extremely high quality.

The dynamics that accompanies us from day to day requires more and more innovations in every area of our life. This also applies to construction.

More and more often developers need to reduce the cost of processes and optimize construction. Since the materials should be strong and reliable and at the same time cheap and easy to use, our customers choose ready-made reinforcement mesh with ever increasing frequency.
Today, wire mesh is a popular material used in any construction works all around the world.

The French began to reinforce building structures with metal rods in the second half of the 19th century. A gardener named Joseph was frustrated by the constant damage that resulted from the fragility of flower pots. This fact led him to the idea that a steel skeleton could be inserted into the clay mass, and in 1867 he patented his invention. Although there is information that a few years before a master of plastering work from England constructed the building using the reinforcement technology, but did not apply for a patent. The enterprising gardener did not stop at the achieved goals and continued experiments in the field of reinforcing various structures. As a result, he patented bridgework, slabs, beams, etc. Naturally, the strength and other characteristics of these products cannot be compared with modern structures, but, nevertheless, a start to reinforcement was made almost 150 years ago.

“Plant of platform gratings” produces welded reinforcement mesh   from reinforcing bars located in two mutually perpendicular directions and welded at their intersection by means of resistance spot welding. 

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