Reinforcement mesh for floor screed

You can order reinforcement mesh for floor screed at the prices of LLC «Plant of platform gratings».

Reinforcement mesh for floor screed is a high quality steel product that will greatly facilitate your concrete pouring operations.
In construction (especially for concrete structures) the foundation plays an important role. By itself concrete is quite fragile, therefore, the use of welded mesh for floor screed allows creating sufficiently strong structures. The mesh itself is made of steel bars by welding method, so it has long service life. Reinforcement mesh for floor screed increases the resistance of the entire structure to mechanical stress.

What is needed to install reinforcement mesh for concrete?
This requires the following tools: measuring instruments, drill, screws, roller, knife, level (ruler).
Installation of reinforcement mesh for the foundation is the process of creating a wire frame, or rather a binding wire. The maximum possible dimensions of reinforcement mesh for scree: 6000 x 2750. If it is necessary to use scraps, they are placed on each other and folded to 40-50 centimeters. Reinforcement mesh is connected using a welding machine; however, special reinforcement clamps have recently appeared on the building materials market.

The reinforced material should have a good adhesion to concrete grout, therefore the application of oily substances and paints to reinforcement mesh is not recommended. In order to prevent the corrosion of reinforced structure, it should be installed completely immersed in concrete.

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Reinforcement mesh for wall plastering

We are ready to offer any metal wire mesh with a bar diameter 5-6 mm at affordable factory prices.
Reinforcement mesh advantages::

  • the service life of the welded reinforcing mesh for plaster is quite long, the product retains its quality for over 60 years;
  • reinforcing mesh resistant to weather conditions and corrosion of metal;
  • the quality of the step between the rods on the product is optimal according to the size, for different types of work we are ready to offer reinforcing mesh sizes convenient for you with the maximum possible characteristics: 6000 x 2750 mm; span>
  • affordable prices and flexible system of discounts for wholesale buyers.

Welded reinforcement mesh for wall plastering increases the service life of plastered walls indoors by 30%. It is produced according to DSTU and our specifications TU U 25.1-41336154-002: 2020 by means of electric resistance welding. Welded mesh for plastering is produced on powerful up-to-date production lines. 

Where is welded reinforcement mesh for wall plastering used?

Reinforcement mesh combined with plastering, waterproofing and puttying materials. This feature allows creating durable and high quality coatings for walls and ceilings.
It is used for:

  • reinforcement of plaster walls and ceilings;
  • reinforcement of concrete and brick masonry;
  • insulation of exterior walls of buildings;
  • interior wall decoration.

LLC «Plant of platform gratings» is always ready to offer welded mesh for plastering walls - it is always available at the warehouse of the enterprise.

Galvanized reinforcement mesh

If you need galvanized welded mesh, you can always buy it at affordable factory prices. It is a new but very popular and highly demanded product in our product line.

Main advantagesи
The scope of application of welded galvanized reinforcement mesh is quite wide. In construction welded meshes are used for laying foundations, reinforcing brickwork, reinforcing concrete structures and road surfaces. Due to their attractive shiny appearance, reinforcement mesh can be used for decorative design of various territories.

Welded galvanized meshes are used to make crates, cages or all kinds of frames.

Galvanized mesh is made of strong reinforced rods, positioned so that the joints are perpendicular to each other. Such products are classified by wire diameter and mesh sizes. The bars themselves are either smooth or corrugated. Their diameter can vary from 5 to 16 mm. Cells can be square or rectangular. The choice of the appropriate option will directly depend on the future use of the product.

You can highlight the following main advantages of galvanized mesh :

  • high strength - the ability to withstand shocks and various mechanical damage;
  • excellent anti-corrosion properties - due to hot-dip galvanizing;
  • slight weight;
  • long enough service life of galvanized welded mesh.

Galvanized mesh is supplied in patterns of the size required by the Customer.

Features of hot-dip galvanizing
There are several methods of galvanizing (electrogalvanising, сold galvanizing and hot-dip galvanizing). Hot-dip galvanizing is considered to be the best technology. The process can be conditionally divided into two stages: preparatory stage and galvanizing itself.

Preparation of metal surface consists of the following stages: degreasing, etching, washing, fluxing and drying. Next the products are immersed in special containers with hot zinc. Only then are the meshes dried in ovens at high temperatures.

This technique can significantly improve corrosion protection of the wire. Manufacturers sometimes practice applying a thicker coating to the metal by double or triple dipping in zinc, because a thinner mesh with a thin layer of zinc is perfect for reinforcement. But for fences it is better to use more massive products with a thick coating. The cells should be securely fixed by means of spot welding.

We offer only high quality products that meet all necessary standards and requirements. Therefore, we recommend you not to look for more favorable offers, but give preference to our service.

Reinforcing wire in bars

LLC «Plant of platform gratings», has recently launched a new up-to-date production line for drawing reinforcement wire in spools:

  • Bp-1 – cold deformed;
  • А ІІІ 20 Г 2 С – hot;
  • А ІІІ 25 Г 2 С – hot;
  • А 240 – hot;
  • А 400 С – hot;
  • А 500 С – hot;
  • В 500 С – cold-formed with a diameter of 5 to 16 mm.

At our warehouse there is always a stock of drawn reinforcement blanks of any size required by the Customer:

Size name Value, mm
Armature rod length 50 – 12000

Reinforcement blanks - scope of application. Reinforcement bars of the above mentioned grades are made of low carbon steel using cold or hot drawing method. The bars have periodic profile, which is necessary for better performance of its main function - reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures. According to DSTU B V.2.6-173, the bars pass obligatory tensile and rupture tests.

Reinforcement mesh used in road works

Reinforcement mesh for road works is necessary to enhance the ability of individual road components to withstand significant loads during operation. It is a necessary component of concrete and asphalt coating. Welded reinforced mesh for road works copes well with tension, compression and bending loads, which excludes the possibility of shear of unstable soils.

LLC «Plant of platform gratings» is engaged in the manufacture of reinforcement mesh for road works in accordance with the individual dimensions given by the customer. Only high-quality raw materials and equipment are used during the production, guarantee and certificate of quality are provided for all products. Welding of meshes is carried out within short timeframes, and automated production allows us to guarantee the maximum quality of final products.

Welded reinforcement mesh for concrete products

You can always order a mesh for reinforcing concrete products In our company. It is used to reinforce concrete structures with unstable strength. The mesh is made of reinforcement with a diameter of 5-16 mm. Final products are supplied in patterns. Reinforced mesh can be manufactured with any protrusion and cut-outs for the slots.

Types of products
In our company you can order welded meshes with the characteristics that are convenient for you - if the corresponding product is currently not available in sufficient quantity, an individual order is made.

Key features of finished products:

  • cell shape (rectangle, square);
  • bar thickness (thin (5-12 mm, thick (12-16 mm));
  • welding accuracy (increased);
  • cell sizes (step multiplicity in width and length according to the table above).

The price of reinforced mesh is determined taking into account its characteristics, but what you can be sure of is that you can always buy high-quality products with a guarantee and at reasonable price.

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