Welded steel grating – as the most commomly used type of grating

Welded steel grating got its name due to the manufacturing method - bearing strips are connected to transverse bars by forge-and-press welding. Thus, a monolithic construction of the grating is achieved, which allows to finish the grating in the conditions of construction site without losing the rigidity of the structure.… 

It is common knowledge that during the extensive construction from time to time there are discrepancies and inaccuracies between different sections of technical documentation, which lead to the fact that the manufactured steel grating requires revision right during installation. And in fact, in such situations the best characteristics of steel grating appear - with the help of an ordinary angle grinder the grating can be cut or cut off, additional holes can be made and the grating will not lose its qualities!

In addition, due to the fact that a special twisted bar is used as the connecting element between bearing strips, welded grating has excellent anti-slip properties.

Due to these characteristics welded grating is recognized as the standard in industrial construction.


In welded and in press-locked grating the entire load is taken by load-bearing strips, and transverse twisted bar serves only to hold load-bearing strips in a vertical position.

ZRN welded grating is produced in accordance with DIN 24537-1. All technical parameters are in accordance with RAL GZ-638.

Staircases of welded gratings are manufactured in accordance with DIN 24531-1.

More detailed technical information (such as loads, weights, banding types, etc.) is given in the «Technical Reference»,  section. You can always read interesting facts and news about gratings and the market of metal structures in the «Articles» section.

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