Welded and press-locked grating with anti-slip elements

Steel gratings are used in the design and construction of various industrial engineering structures. Many technical service areas, staircases, passages and other structures are located not only inside the premises, but also outside, being built in the open air. That is why in places with unfavorable conditions, such as high humidity, heavy precipitation, glaze ice, spilling of fuels and lubricants or lubricating oils, “Serrated” grating is used, which is an ideal solution for organizing quick and comfortable access to any elements of industrial structures.

Зварний решітковий настил “Serrated” – welded grating is a structural element with an additional anti-slip surface for the construction of ladders, staircases, technical platforms and passages. The main feature of this grating is the finely powdered working surface on load-bearing strips, offering a good contact of shoes with steel grating, which complies with the safety requirements at sites with an increased risk of slipping and provides reliable conditions for the safe movement of personnel.

Despite excellent anti-slip characteristics of the grating (especially for welded grating with threaded bar), in some applications the grating should be provided with additional protection against slipping. In such cases, the grating bearing strip can be made with anti-slip teeth.

Types of anti-slip teeth:

S4 - provides the maximum anti-slip effect.
S5 і S6 - two versions of “trapezoid” anti-slip teeth provide the same anti-slip effect and differ only in manufacturing technology.

Detailed information and technical characteristics of the “SERRATED” gratings is given in the corresponding section of the «Technical Reference».

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