Press-locked steel grating

Press-locked steel grating is the second most popular type of gratings. It differs from the welded grating by production method - a transverse strip of a smaller section is pressed into specially prepared bearing strips with punched grooves. Thus, strips of different cross-sections are both the bearing and the connecting element in the grating. Despite the first erroneous impression, such a grating has slightly worse physical and mechanical characteristics in comparison with a welded one. This is due to the fact that the load in both the press-locked and welded grating is taken by bearing strips, and the transverse element (bar in the welded grating and strip in the press-locked one) serves only to hold the bearing elements in a vertical position. However, unlike welded grating where the bearing strip remains solid, special grooves for transverse strip are punched in the press-locked grating, somewhat reducing bearing capacity of the grating.

Thus, press-locked grating keeps its structure only due to the frictional force between the bearing and transverse strip. That is why press-locked grating is less suitable for use in industrial construction - the grating is not so resistant to mechanical damage and additional finishing at the construction site.

As a rule, press-locked grating is used where there are increased requirements for aesthetic appearance of gratings - entrance spaces of malls and other public places, external drainage systems, staircases in civil engineering.… 

The advantages of press-locked gratings also include a large number of cells with dimensions from 11 to 99 mm.

ZRN press-locked grating and welded gratings are manufactured according to DIN 24537-1. All technical parameters are in accordance with RAL GZ-638.
Staircases of press-locked gratings are manufactured in accordance with DIN 24531-1.

More detailed technical information (such as loads, weights, banding types, etc.) is given in the «Technical Reference» section.

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