Professional design of steel structures

Detailed design of drawings for steel structures (installation schemes for laying gratings) is an important stage of the effective use of grating. Correctly and professionally executed assembly drawings allow the Customer the following:

Save money

Reduce production time

Facilitate the transportation and installation of gratings


Download an example of a grating assembly drawing


This is achieved due to the following:

  • correct type of grating,
  • maximum standardization of gratings,
  • using optimal cutting of the gratings to reduce waste,
  • correct selection of the necessary cutouts for technological equipment or supporting structures and the execution of drawings taking into account the optimal technology for making such cutouts,
  • optimization of the number of fasteners.

The engineers of our company have vast experience in the design of assembly drawings for gratings, which allows us to work with the drawings of any complexity. The use of special programs ensures fast and accurate design of steel structures. To ensure the convenience of our clients we execute drawing in PDF, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Compass, Tekla...

In order to ensure the best results and maximum accuracy when laying out the grating, the Customer can submit drawings of supporting structures on which the grating will be based as a technical assignment. Why is it necessary to use the drawings of steel structures? As the practice of manufacturing metal structures shows, in 80% of cases significant or minor changes are made to CAD drawings at the stage of design of steel drawings, namely: changes in the types of assemblies, transition from assembly welding to bolted joints, replacement of some types of rolled metal products, specification of marks, etc. All this can directly affect the grating and, as a result, lead to the need of additional work to fit the gratings on the construction site. In case of providing the final drawings of steel structures, our company guarantees 100% matching of the grating when laying it in the design position.

If the customer does not have drawings for steel structures or when laying grating on non-metal structures, the engineers of LLC “Plant of platform gratings” will develop grating laying schemes based on the drawings for steel structures or even on the basis of sketch drawings and take into account all the necessary details to the greatest possible extent.

Moreover, if necessary it is possible for design engineers to arrive directly at the construction site to take measurements.

Please note that when ordering a grating in our company the development of drawings for steel structures is carried out absolutely free of charge. Also, free technical support of our engineering center provides consultation with specialists at any time on the technical issues related to the use of gratings.

Contacts of engineering center are given in the «Contacts» section.

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