Framing for welded and pressed lattice flooring

To give the grilles a sophisticated aesthetic appearance and to create ideal conditions for the installation of the grating flooring,   the ends of the load-bearing strips can be framed in different ways. Depending on the location of the lattice flooring and its functional tasks,   the type of framing should be determined correctly. At the stage of development of KMD specialists of the company " ZRN " design drawings that will meet all the requirements of the Customer and select the best frame for the implementation of your object.

The main types of flooring: 

Type А:

Standard frame type. The height of the frame is equal to the height of the bearing strips. Used in most cases.

Type B:

The height of the frame is less than 5 mm from the height of the bearing strip. It is used if the grille is placed on supports with rounded inner corners, which can interfere with the installation of the grille in the design position.

Type C:

«High » framing. Widely used in the installation of gratings on industrial sites. This type of frame protects against falling down tools through the edges of the sites, as well as from slipping human feet into technological openings. Depending on the specific features of the site, the height of the frame can reach 200 or more millimeters.


The frame strip is released down. It is used in cases when it is necessary to raise the level of the deck above the supporting structures, for example,   when overlapping channels to align the floor level with the general floor level.

Special types of frames for extruded lattice flooring

In addition to the above-mentioned types of framing, the extruded lattice flooring is also framed on all sides of the flooring with a T-shaped profile, which gives the lattice a more aesthetic and finished look. It is widely used in floorings for entrance groups of supermarkets, for blocking drainage channels of surface drainage and other purposes.

Racks for racks

Lattice flooring used as a shelving cover can have special types of framing:

Framing the ends of the lattice angle, which is also a supporting part of the lattice. The most popular option for shelving systems due to the ease of execution and, accordingly, affordability. It is used for both welded and pressed gratings.

Option of framing with a wider strip along the contour of the lattice with the corresponding slots for the supporting beams of the rack. Also used for both welded and extruded gratings.