Lattice steps

We also provide stair design services to our clients. All you need to do is create a   Terms of Reference and let us know the type of stairway you want   - we'll do the rest ourselves.

The main advantages of lattice flooring:
- the presence of special sides with holes for mounting;
- special anti-slip perforated strip that provides excellent grip with shoes   in all weather conditions.


For designers the standard sidewall of the step is as follows:

These dimensions must be taken into account when designing metal stairways   and placing holes for steps   on kosour.

It is also possible to make any other stairways   marches   with non-standard sizes both in length and width. To order galvanized stairways   contact sales managers .

Довідкова таблиця по вазі деяких типів ступенів

Data for degrees with a cell of 34 x 38.
The table shows the weight of the steps without corrosion protection.
For hot-dip galvanized grades it is necessary to apply a coefficient of 1.08.

The loads for the steps are similar to the loads for the lattice flooring presented in the " Lattice flooring load tables ". In this case, the length of the step is equal to the width of the span.
Ways to fasten the steps are described in the section " Methods of fastening the flooring ".