Recommended ways of laying gratings on supports

When designing and installing lattice flooring, it is necessary to pay special attention to the distances that must be maintained to the edges of the load-bearing supports, to columns, walls, equipment, etc.

At the design stage, the distance between the gratings should be taken equal to zero, because the lattice flooring is made with & rsquo; negative tolerances. Tolerances on geometrical sizes of a flooring + 0 / -4 mm.


Permissible mounting gap between grilles – from 0 to 10 mm

When installing flooring in various niches or corners, it is necessary to leave a gap of 5 mm on each side

Flooring elements should be placed at a distance of 10 mm from the edge of the load-bearing element.

When installing near walls or other frame elements, a gap of 10 mm must be left.

If there are low protruding elements on the structure along the lattice flooring, the installation is done from a distance of 10 mm.