13 July 2018

These days, welded grating has become a versatile and multifunctional solution for a variety of tasks. ZRN's products are widely used in various industries and production by small and large enterprises, as well as in civil engineering and urban infrastructure. Do you need a strong and durable material for high-quality grating, intermediate floors, bridges, walkways, staircases, facade structures, fences, ramps, shelving and drainage systems? Or are you looking for a unique design solution for your home? Using our grating solutions we will definitely find the answer!

Due to rapid popularization of gratings in all areas of construction, the following question arises: what are the unique and practical points of seemingly ordinary gratings. And the answer lies in the versatility of use and the unique characteristics of this type of grating.

First of all, one should consider and understand the advantages of welded grating over its substitutes and analogues:

  • cellular flooring at its light weight has a high surface hardness, so it can withstand huge loads
  • galvanized   lattice flooring   resistant   to the effects of   low   and high temperatures, as well as to their sharp fluctuations. These characteristics allow to apply a flooring in any point of the globe. Be assured of the durability and practicality of " ZRN " grids, even for   building   a research station at the North Pole, or   arranging oil fields in   desert   countries
  • " transparency " Lattices allow good light transmission, so it is an ideal choice   as racking systems for multi-level warehouses.   Lattice decking also allows the movement of light trucks
  • The material is completely resistant to corrosion and aggressive chemical elements
  • the flooring easily passes water, snow, dirt and does not allow precipitation to accumulate
  • anti-slip characteristics make lattice flooring an indispensable material both for safe movement at industrial sites and for arranging safe areas in public places with large crowds
  • due to its throughput characteristics, steel lattice flooring is completely fireproof and simplifies fire localization
  • allows you to comfortably lay wiring and communication systems
  • air permeability allows the use of lattice decking as a decorative mesh for heating and ventilation systems
  • Easy assembly and disassembly that does not require welding and special equipment
  • modern and stylish look of facades
  • attractive price and durability

Actually, these characteristics have won the favor of architects and builders, so it is not surprising that today gratings can be found everywhere. You might not even pay attention, but you definitely saw welded mesh grating, walked on it and admired the unsurpassed aesthetic appearance of huge industrial facilities. Increasingly, grating is being adopted by designers as facade decorations. Such facades look extremely stylish, and combinations of metal with glass, wood or stone are becoming very fashionable today in exterior and interior design.

Let's consider examples of using grating in practice.

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